Posted 4 years ago

Tune-up Release

Today I went over a few things and added a little more polish.


  • Random damage! Random gain of logs from trees! Random chance of Apple when using Hatchet on Tree!
  • Unconscious time is now always 20sec, no longer up to a minute randomly
  • Ghost can’t cheat anymore / crash fix
  • HP Pop-up improvements
  • Bow shoots instantly now (no more warm up)

Cy was right. Randomness is fun. Using the bow was pretty boring before; but now, even though it only does 3 to 5 HP, it’s way more fun! Of course, later I plan on making it it bit more sturdy, but for now I want people to have access to cheap projectiles.

So you can actually obtain Apples in-game now. Unfortunately, they still don’t do anything. :P

Posted 4 years ago

Added Player States

Now when somebody frags you, you become unconscious. That basically means you’ll be unable to do anything that involves your character for about a minute. This is a very key time for future updates: Here, players will be able to do things to you like turn you in (to jail).

After about a minute of being unconscious without being acted upon by other players, you respawn as a Ghost. As a Ghost, you don’t take damage, nor can you do harm. You can still gather resources though. This state is very important to newbies, for example, so they don’t suffer from the world-wide PvP too much.

Right now I have it set to restore you to your normal state after being a Ghost for about 3 minutes. Ideally, this would be a lot longer. There should also be some way to restore yourself manually, using something like a Hospital building or so.

Posted 4 years ago

Players now take damage

It’s only partially implemented so far, but you can now see any player’s health, and being hit by projectiles actually does damage.

What isn’t well implemented yet is what is suppose to happen when your health reaches 0. For now, you get insta-teleported to the area’s jail… out of which you can then just walk. It’s a start! :)

Posted 4 years ago

On Fighting, and Fixup Release

I’ve also had a brain storming session about how dying in the game should work. With PvP everywhere, how can fragging other players be rewarding for experienced players, but being fragged not be a big deal for new players. The answer has a lot to do with the law/bounty system.

At first, all areas with a city hall will have one simple law: No harming buildings, objects, or players.

If you’re coming from other games, don’t confuse in-game laws with traditional rules. In-game laws were meant to be broken. And when you break the law, you are fined by the government of that area with a fine proportional to how much damage you did (and another factor I’ll mention in another entry). That fine is now a Bounty on your head. The system will allow for a separate Bounty on your head per government.

Having a fine/bounty on your head changes things for you. For one, it’s no longer against the law anywhere to frag you. Also, being fragged has little consequences, unless you have a bounty on your head. In this case, you can be turned into the jail of that government and your captor receives the bounty. To get out of that jail, you have to pay double the fine (this way the government can afford to pay half that to your captor, and still get the full fine from you). If you can’t pay, you will have to spend time in jail. Of course, you can keep playing with an alt character during this time.

Just released a small update to make the Club item usable again. Also, it should be more noticeable when Buildings can’t pay you enough now.

Posted 4 years ago

Buildings now have description and warn you of bad setup

No more mystery about the rate of conversion of that new building you might not know about yet. Each building quickly describes its purpose now.

Also nice for new players especially is that the building description now warns the Owner if:

  • There is no Budget, so your building can’t actually pay anyone
  • Your building is giving away items for free
Posted 4 years ago

What are you most looking forward to in SmileyCountry?

Posted 4 years ago

New release of SmileyHouse with Projectiles

I went way beyond what I was planning, thanks to a crazy idea that turned out to be sane, and good feedback by Mathias.

So if you log in now, you will be updated to the latest version, thanks as usual to Dispatcher. And once you’re in, you will be greeted by two new items: Bow and Handgun.

Bows come from Bow Armories which convert 1 Plank->12 Bows. Why so many Bows? Well, as a workaround, Bows=Arrows right now. So each time you shoot, you lose a bow.

Projectiles (Arrows/Bullets) are actually tracked live on the server, so besides lag, this should be nice. You can shoot through a Sign for example, and the Sign will be hit… or someone can run into your line of fire and also be hit.

Handguns are made from Clubs right now. Yeah, it makes little sense, but until Metal is in the game, this will work. :P 2 Clubs make 1 Handgun, and 2 Logs make 1 Club; But these things pack quite a punch and can be shot without Warmup, unlike Bows.

While you can shoot each other, and there is feedback, players don’t take damage yet, so don’t expect anyone to die.

Posted 4 years ago

SmileyCountry has its own Blog now

Yay for that. If everything works out, I can once again make slightly longer posts while still being all Web 2.0… :P